Project RASS - Save an Asian Soul

Asia by research has 12.6% of its population as Christians. There is an urgent need in the realm of the spirit to reach out to Asians with the gospel as fast as we can.

With your support, Loveworld Asia TV would beam the light of God's world across all the 48 countries in Asia, including Lebanon, China, India, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Qatar.. etc bearing in mind that if we can successfully reframe these Nations with God's word, we would have saved and transformed the lives of 87.4% non Christians in Asia. Be a part of LoveWorld Asia TV project through;

- Sponsorship of Broadcast equipment

-Content translation sponsorship

-Sponsorship of monthly satellite Capacity

- Indigenous content production sponsorship




CELTM-- Naira

CLTM2---Other currencies

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Naira Account

Account name: Kings TV

Eco Bank - 3480009227

Refuge Bank - 1100079913

Parallex Bank - 2030072539

Dollar Account

Account Name - Loveworld Radio

Bank : Wells Fargo

Account number : 7607399305

International Swift Code : WEBIUS6S

Routing Numbe : 051400549

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